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Trauma Therapist in San Diego, CA

Anxious Teens

Support for Anxious Teens in San Diego

As a parent you want nothing but the best for your children. Your teen is a great kid – kind, caring, compassionate, reliable and dependable – and you’re proud of who they’re becoming and feel blessed to be their parent. But in the last couple months, you’ve been noticing that your teen has been struggling. Or, they recently opened up to you and asked for support with their mental health.

They might have complained of physical symptoms such as knots in their stomach, nausea, dizziness, or shortness of breath. You just took them to their annual physical exam or another doctor’s appointment and the good news is they are in excellent health. Your suspicion is that they’re struggling with anxiety.

There are so many pressures for teens these days with Social Media: the isolation that Instagram and Tik Tok can bring and the pressure to look and act a certain way. Or maybe there have been academic and other performance-based pressures that have been weighing your teen down. Not to mention all the adjustments they faced over the past 3 years through the global pandemic with distance-learning, masking, the socio-political, racial, and cultural upheaval – it was a whirlwind (to put it mildly)!

There’s HOPE I can help!

I help anxious teens learn how to process and cope with their feelings of overwhelm and increase their sense of self-worth and self-compassion by providing effective coping skills and tools to help them grow into healthy young adults who are able to thrive in today’s society. 

As a teen therapist, I work together with teens and their parents to get to the root of their issues. I respectfully ask parents to honor their teen’s confidentiality so they can feel safe and comfortable opening up and being vulnerable with me while also trusting that I will share and collaborate with them when necessary. Your participation in your teen’s therapy is a vital part of their growth, thus I will periodically meet with you either individually or jointly at times to assist your teen in feeling better while also helping you to better understand how you can best support them.

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Are you ready to help your teen learn effect skills to cope with their anxiety and gain more confidence? Contact me today to schedule a free, 15-minute exploration call to learn more about how I provide therapy for anxious teens in Chula Vista, CA.

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