Christy Garcia, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist in Chula Vista, California


What is the length and frequency of our sessions?

My standard sessions are 45-50 minutes. During the active phase of therapy, we will meet on a regular, weekly basis. Depending on your circumstances and the nature of your issues or distress, I may recommend more frequent sessions such as twice a week.

How much is the session fee?  


Is there a sliding scale/discount?

A sliding scale is typically utilized in non-profit, community outpatient clinics where student therapist trainees or pre-licensed clinicians are gaining their supervised hours of experience. These types of settings typically receive specialized grants from the government to subsidize and offset their costs. I reserve a couple of discounted slots for graduate students who are working toward completing their degrees in counseling or pastoral care to assist them with their personal development and to know what it’s like to be a client. While I do not offer a sliding scale, I am able to temporarily reduce my fee for up to 12 sessions based on financial need if there is a change in your financial situation after therapy has commenced.

Do you bill insurance?

I am an “out-of-network provider,” which means that I do not bill insurance directly. You will be responsible for the fee at the time of service. I can provide you with a special receipt (called a “superbill”) that your insurance requires you to submit for possible reimbursement depending on your coverage. Depending on the type of insurance you have, you may be eligible for reimbursement up to a certain percentage of the fee. Click here for more information on how to inquire with your insurance regarding your benefits and mental health coverage.

If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) you may also be able to apply those funds toward your therapy.


I have partnered with Reimbursify for you to easily submit your claims for out-of-network health insurance reimbursement from your smartphone.  Download the app and get your first claim free.

Do you offer online sessions?

Yes! Telehealth (online video) appointments are available for anyone who is currently a resident of California. Telehealth appointments are scheduled through my secure client portal. You can easily access your online appointment through any device whether laptop, tablet, or cell phone that has a working camera and microphone. Please let me know if you would prefer an online session when we schedule your first appointment.

What’s the difference between online and in-person therapy? Which one is better?

The main difference between online and in-person therapy is missing out on what we clinicians refer to as “in the room” experiences. There’s something powerful about being “in the room” with someone else in the midst of their pain and holding space for that person. Additionally, therapists are able to pick up on subtleties in mannerisms and body language which can be clues into a person’s inner angst (eg. shaking the knee, wringing of the hands, change in muscle tone, etc). Some of these subtleties can be lost in translations through online communication. Additionally, there can be glitches and technical difficulties which can be frustrating and serve to distract from an online session. On the flip side, online therapy offers many new conveniences that in-person therapy will never be able to such as greater flexibility with scheduling. Clients can make progress through either modality. It comes down to preference and comfort level. Maybe I’m “old school” in that I encourage everyone to at least give in-person therapy a try. Trust me, it will be worth it!

How are you handling Covid Precautions?

As a mental health therapist, I am considered a healthcare worker and thus am still required to wear a mask for in-person sessions at this time.  If you would like to meet in person, we will both need to wear masks at this time. I regularly clean and sanitize all surfaces between appointments and also have a medical-grade air purifier running throughout the day that filters the air every 15-minutes. Additionally, I have hand sanitizer available and extra masks if you forget to bring one. Should you feel sick or become exposed to someone who tested positive for Covid, you have the option to switch to a virtual, telehealth appointment if you’re up to meeting.

Where do I park?

You may park in any unmarked parking spot.

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